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Arun Gopal aka AGDYNASTY is a producer and film composer born & Raised in GA. HIS MUSIC can best be described as cinematic, sophisticated, and intellectual. Inspired by movie soundtracks and the Atlanta trap scene, AGDYNASTY has a very eclectic style that transcends musical boundaries with a purpose to create an untouchable legacy for the family name. “AG the initials, DYNASTY the mindset”.


AGDYNASTY first got introduced to music through his older brother, and HUMBLE immigrant family background. His dad is a movie buff, so that influenced AGDYNASTY , with movies like "Akira", "The Matrix", and "The Godfather" being some of his favorites. With music and movies being constant staples in the Gopal family household, AGDYNASTY was bound to become a music producer and film composer.


AGDYNASTY has dropped concept projects, 404 Bladerunner and Convergence, which can best be described as “auditory journeys”. Recently, AGDYNASTY has been getting into collaborating with local artists. In late 2018, he met with Mr. Wildenfree which led to a joint album entitled, "Wolfe + Castle" dropping in February of 2020. AGDYNASTY recently dropped his debut album, "Pyramid Of Atlanta"

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